Athena: Get a Feel for the News

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About: Athena: Get a Feel for the News is a web app that visualizes keyword sentiment and relevance of NY Times articles. The New York Times API was used to access articles daily, and the IBM Alchemy API was used to assess keywords from the articles, along with scores for respective sentiment and relevance. The results are stored in a Firebase database.

Sentiment range from positive to negative, and colors of the keywords were used to visualize sentiment - green for positive, red for negative

The size of the words was used to visualize keyword relevance.

Stack: AngularJS, Node.js, Express, Firebase, Angular Firebase, D3.js, Foundation for Apps, New York Times API, IBM Alchemy API

My Role: As a front end engineer of this project, I designed and styled the web page using Foundation for Apps and CSS, as well as created the word cloud using D3.js. I decided to use Foundation for Apps instead of Boostrap since I had previous experience with Bootstrap and Angular.